21: Thesis Concept Statement / Value Proposition

Summary of the product 

"MY PRODUCT NAME" [general category]

FOR (target audience) WHO ARE/WANTS (need), [PRODUCT NAME] IS A (specific market category) THAT (key benefit). UNLIKE (competition), [PRODUCT NAME] IS (unique differentiator)


New Value Proposition 

FOR Millennials WHO want dynamic learning experience, “BUBBLE TALK" IS A short talk session THAT provides a chance to learn about personal opinions of others. UNLIKE existing museum services such as an audio guide, guided tour, and educational class, BUBBLE TALKS is a casual, short, dynamic conversational sessions.

“BUBBLE TALKS” [meet up]

v1: FOR Millennials WHO need to learn contexts behind artworks in art museums, “BUBBLE TALKS" IS A small group discussion sessions THAT is special interest-based. UNLIKE museum docent tours, BUBBLE TALKS is a short discussion session that is happening for one selected artwork that the viewer is interested to hear and talk about.

v2: FOR Millennials WHO need a break from all the tech devices, “BUBBLE TALK" IS A short talk session THAT gives an option to interact with people. UNLIKE museum audio guides, BUBBLE TALKS is community-driven.

v3: FOR Millennials WHO need convenience, “BUBBLE TALK" IS A short talk session THAT it gives a chance to talk to art enthusiasts. UNLIKE other museum talks, BUBBLE TALKS is casual, short, and dynamic.


it is a series circular stickers (approximately 3-4) placed in front of selected pieces of artworks in gallery space. Two different stickers will be placed on the floor: 2-3 stickers are thought-provoking stickers which ask questions or give keywords that relate back to the artwork. Second is a bubble where it says this is a spot where you can have a discussion about the art piece for 5-10 minutes with people at a certain time period. 

Product Lifecycle:

  • Discovery > Reading > thinking > meeting > discussion > learning
  • Weakest phase - thinking
  • Unnecessary Phase - …