19: Prototype III



Floor Sticker in front of selected artworks.

iPhone 7 Copy.jpg

Website explaininghashtags(#) and more descriptions about the artist and the piece.

Feedback & Questions

  • How to test in context?
  • Like the idea of physical CTA on the floor
  • Do you want visitors to see artwork first or see instructions first? (KML)
  • In terms of Eric's feedback, I was wondering is there another way to give a prompt because someone doesn't want to be bothered by any instructions.  (KML)
  • How can you get millennials excited to use this feature? (RW)
  • What about AR or Snapchat integration? (RW)
  • Do they go on the site separately or do they get a message on Instagram? (RW)
  • How do you know their preferred method? (RW)
  • Could the app be more visual? less text heavy? (RD)
  • How can you make the floor thing more engaging? (RD)
  • What if I don't use the tags? What if I'm not used to using tags? (RD)
  • What's my incentive to post? or even download the app? Is it an app? It wasn't clear for me.
  • I like the floor sticker! Go bold with more.
  • I might refine your tags on text & clarify. Is the goal reading descriptions or engaging with pieces & art movements? 
  • How would people who are unfamiliar with tags engage? Reference: how would you improve on Google's art experience website?
  • Are you going to have the floor sticker for the selected special drawing or for all? (ESL)
  • The written context is a bit overwhelming. (DA)
  • Like the journey part of the experiences (floor, wall, etc) (A)
  • What I like: The floor piece definitely creates intrigue. (SS)
  • Suggestion: I'm not sure it will encourage someone to interact digitally. (SS)
  • Is text the only way? (SS)
  • Can the floor be the screen? (SS)
  • Using floor is great! Being immediately directed to phone is not great
  • Like: it allows for a seemingly new way to discover information on art.
  • Dislike: does it allow for interactivity between another user?
  • Dislike: It's asking a lot of the users: download app, remember hashtag, read (KK)
  • Like: integration with physical space. (KK)
  • Not clear to me what hashtags are trying to communicate or how to use them.
  • Call to action is not clear on floor sticker.


  • Clarify how the journey starts and ends. Consolidate on learning experience.
  • Think of the use of physical object and space and how to transition it to digital. Does the journey have to end digitally?