12: Hypothesis I

New Hypothesis:

By creating a platform for discussion around a specific artwork, museum engagement will increase.

Old Hypothesis: Art museum visitors will remember about the work for longer period of time when interesting contexts are provided than just plain explanations.

Use of HEART Framework

  • Category: Engagement
  • Goal: For visitors to share and read about specific artworks and engage.
  • Signal: Increased amount of time visitors looking at artworks.
  • Metrics: Number of contents that gets shared. Increase in a number of users who wants to know more about the art/ist.

Experimental variable(s)

  • Different kinds of contents: facts, gossips, visitors’ opinions, professionals’ thoughts.
  • How the contents are shared/distributed: by phone (BYOD: Bring Your Own Device), by physical notes, etc
  • (will test this for v.2) When the contents will be presented: Location specified, SNS, photo taking, entering specific input, etc

Desired Outcome(s)

  • Increase in a number of users who wants to know more about the art/ist.
  • People’s preferences in types of contents, how the content is shared, when it should be shared.

How you will measure results

  • Amount of time people spend in front of the artwork
  • Number of contents that people didn’t know about
  • Likeliness of people would share the information about others

Brief description of your prototype experiment

  • Pick 3 paintings and survey how many people like each painting.
  • Paintings will be hung on a wall in different locations of IxD studio. Ideally, a surveillance camera will run to measure time people spend in front of each painting.
  • Painting #1 will have a simple label saying artist, title, medium of the artwork.
  • Painting #2 has additional contents will be provided an addition to the labels.
  • Painting #3 has a place to share opinions addition to contents and labels.
  • Survey how much people know about each painting and see if the information match the contents I provided and how much they like each painting and see if that has changed from the previous survey.