8: Brainstorming I

Surprising Insights:

  • Think about the future of the art form not only about the space.
  • It is going to be very dynamic in how art is presented.
  • Technology shapes our behaviors.
  • Surprising customers by matching the usual thing together sometimes works really well. e.g. Yoga class at the Grand Central. Spending a night at a natural history museum.
  • Creating a future art space can be another form of an art.
  • Experience that lasts beyond the touch point.
  • Taking the art outside museum space e.g. 34th st. F/M train station.

New Outcomes:

  • Prolonging experiences that last to give more in-depth contents about an artist, a historical event, a place over certain period of time to tell a full storytelling.
  • Making a personal art and making a use of it.
  • A space that freely chases contents which are presented in the next room according to the customer’s response to the current content.

Quick Idea Sketches

Open Space Art Museum - placed in small spaces in public locations that work as if it is a digital art frame with sounds. 


Continuous Experience - over a period of time, a series of detailed storytelling happens to the user for deeper understanding.


Dynamic Museum Rooms - create customized storytelling according to reactions of the users by activating different doors with different contents.


A Doorway to … - creating an immersive experience using physical materials and sound in prior to entering exhibition space so that it works as a trailer of the exhibition.