7: Rough Ideas

Idea #1: Art in the Community

A system where AR of famous artwork is displayed alongside with specific building or space that closely related to the context of the displayed artwork. These places can be simply the place or scene where the artist painted or historical places where inspired or lead to a certain development thoughts in the artists.

This allows the audiences to feel the real physical presence of the scene or even compare their thoughts to the artist thoughts and perspective on the historical events.

Idea #2: Visitor Tracking Device


A technological device that can track the journey of visitors. This device is mainly for the staffs of the museum so that the gathered data is to measure and compare the flows of intended visitor walkthroughs as well as to closely look at the data of how visitors engage with artifacts, etc. This also can be incentivized in a way that the visitor gets some sort of feedback in their movement inside gallery spaces.

Idea #3: Increased Visitor Engagement

One of the hesitancies that keep potential museum visitors is large crowd that distracts from having a good experience and good engagement level. This is for museum goers who like to have relaxing and engaging moments at museums by avoiding crowds.

This can also benefit the museum internally by knowing the crowded areas and times so that they have more control over preserving displayed items.