10: Desk Research

As a part of desk research knowing what is going on in the museum world and education, I read some reports published by American Alliance of Museums and Knowledge Works Foundation

  • mass personalization, create tailored communication

  • barrier free devices - wearable technology or bring your own device(BYOD)

  • visitors experience the museum physiologically and psychologically

  • shortening to attention span

  • refugees from an often overwhelming world

  • design for accessibility 

  • technology can enhance empathy while creating new forms of discrimination

Interesting Examples/Experiments

  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago: Enchroma glasses for visitors: enabling color-blinds to experience color in some form
  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: CHIP Project - personalized virtual museum tour
  • LA Philharmonic truck - mini concert hall that travels LA, presents an immersive VR experience of attending the symphony
  • Slow Art Day

According to research by Reach Advisors | Museums R+D, only 12% of the general public thinks of museums as educational