13: Workshop (Prototype I)

Hypothesis: People will share more thoughts about art when they know more about it.


Participants: 4 museum goers. 20s. 3 females 1male. 

Format: 60-minute workshop broken down to 4 parts. 

  1.  Pre-Tour Survey: before giving out any information, I asked the participants to answer some questions without talking to other people. how much do you know about the artworks? How would you talk about them?
  2.  Intro: quick presentation and discussion about different values and interpretations about artworks.
  3.  Tour: talked about 3 different paintings by giving brief background stories about the artist and the painting and different interpretations of the painting. 
  4.  Post-Tour Survey: Did the thoughts change? How would you talk about them?

Findings & analysis of the workshop

  • Assumption: Knowing more about artworks will make people talk about the work more.
  • Result: 7 Yes, 5 No
  • Finding: Sharing what people think or having a conversation about an artwork don’t necessarily happen because people know more about a specific artwork.


  • Assumption: Sharing personal thoughts about specific works will make a mood for people to freely talk about their own opinion as well.
  • Result: 2 Yes, 1 Maybe
  • Finding: Sharing personal opinions when audiences don't have any prior knowledge to compare and contrast will greatly shape their thoughts in understanding the work but not necessarily leads to sharing their own original thoughts.


  • Assumption: People will react (like & reply) to posts of the contents they know about on social media
  • Result: No 
  • Finding: People don’t consecutively/logically follow reactions to posts on social media