1: Topics for My Thesis

Ideas from the past year: 

  • Learning aid for better understanding of artifacts in museums
  • New input system for digital devices
  • New design/layout for keyboards
  • A system to help people move

New ideas that I have now: 

Museum Related Topics:

  • Navigation/guiding system through specific narratives
  • Personalized museum experience
  • Easy installation system for new exhibitions
  • Easy space morph for different purposes
  • Behavioral control to protect artifacts

Random Topics:

  • Kayak for buying art. Art collecting 101.
  • Learning/communication system using (only?) graphic elements
  • Input system for new digital devices
  • Photo taking to have memories? 
  • Sustainable design for fashion

More ...

  • Visitor tracking tool for curators
  • Thematic visitor guides (Best of, Surprise Me & I like ... )
  • Time-based visitor guide (I am a NYC resident, tourist staying for a week, I only have 30 minutes)
  • Think about what is LOOKING means for the people who are familiar using SNS.