Raise.me introduces a new concept of earning micro-scholarships to encourage students to proceed to the next level of education by self-reporting achievements such as academic grades, extracurricular activities and SAT/ACT scores.

When my team first met with the "raise.me" team, they have successfully conducted a beta testing to a selected group of high school students and teachers and have also launched their product. Their next step was to launch their first mobile app to allow high school students to update their achievements. Two main functions clients specifically asked for were: 

  • Easy & Fast Update Process
  • Short Onboarding Process

introducing raise.me mobile app v.1



  • Family members and family circumstances are not encouraging (especially college affordability)

  • High school student to college counselor ratio varies from 1,056:1 (statewide low income school) to 390:1 (high college acceptance schools)

  • Difficult to keep up with academics and stay motivated

  • Low standardized test (SAT, ACT) scores due to lack of preparation and support







Mockups v.1



Starting Page

Quick Edits

List of Universities


Final Thoughts

Features we can consider for the next version are:

  • Parental Involvement: e.g. notifications for the child’s achievements and scholarship earnings
  • Social Involvement: use of peer pressure. e.g. see friends’ updates and progress
  • Incite Curiosity: e.g. pictures and short videos about lives of real college students
  • Accountability: offer mentor-mentee relationship with current college students and/or alumni