Have you ever had an animal companion? I had one when I was a little girl. Her name was Happy and I first met her when I was 6, at a ping pong club. The club manager asked if my family wanted to adopt one of the newborn puppies. We adopted one and named her Happy because she is a physical form of happiness. The meaning behind her name somewhat curls my toes but my whole family was fond of her at first sight and she really made all of us laugh and happy just like her name. We loved her so much even though she messed up our dinner table countlessly and chewed up every single piece of furniture. Happy and I especially liked going to a playground on a rainy day, running into puddles, and getting mud all over us. Mom would freak out and yell at us, but Happy shared a big chunk of great memories from my childhood.

As I attended a school in the U.S., I was only able to see Happy for a couple months out of the year. I think Happy was sad because everyone in my family was away from home for school and business so we didn’t get the chance to play with her much. One day, my parents took Happy to a park to freshen her up. Then, Happy ran away chasing after a student who was riding a bicycle in the uniform I once wore. My parents waited for Happy to come back at the part for the whole day but Happy never came back. My parents searched around the neighborhood every day for days. They asked the local neighbors and business owners for help to find Happy. My parents even printed out posters and said we would compensate whoever finds Happy but never found any trace of her.

This happened about a decade ago, so looking for and finding a lost animal is a little different now with all the personal smart devices everywhere. I wonder if it would’ve been different if we had the current technology back then and knew the help of other people around the city to search for Happy.


Product flow

1. An animal goes missing.

2. Write a post on LinkNYC Pawsome webpage or mobile app.

3. Get posted to all the LinkNYC in user selected neighborhoods.

4. Pawsome contacts animal related organizations in the city.


5. Track the progress on the LinkNYC Pawsome.

6. Happy reunion!

7. Post about the reunion and take down the post.

And ... donate and support the organizations!




Provide other support including local shelter information.