30 second trailers that highlight interviews of social and media influencers sharing their opinion about NPR’s top news



  • News is a big part of a Millennials’ online activity.

  • Becoming an informed citizen is the #1 reason Millennials cite for using news.

  • Social media is no longer simply social. It has become a way of being connected to the world.

  • Millennials encounter news that they might otherwise have ignored because peers are recommending or sharing it to them on social networks.

  • When Millennials want to dig deeper on a subject, the most important qualities that make a destination useful are that they know the source well.


what’s in the market now

Content providers around the world, such as Twitter and the BBC are already trying to reach out to the younger generation with the use of social networking platforms. Twitter Moments is a special channel that Twitter collects images and short videos based on specific topics, such as the election and the Super Bowl. BBC’s Instagram shares short summaries of news with subtitles so that people can quickly skim through news and dive in if the topic is interesting. 


Wireframe Sketches


final thoughts

For the spontaneous characteristics of news, the topics of the trailer interview should be geared toward more non-spontaneous, long term issues such as the election. For the constraints of film production at NPR, trailers could be produced and directed with existing audios and images NPR already has as a first step.