The current legacy setting is inside security settings where user traffic is pretty low.  Also, the options are simple and limited where the user can set a person from his/her friend list to be responsible for the user's profile page once the user passes away.


Suggested Redesign of Legacy Settings

  • Have an option to delete or activate a legacy page. 
  • Full control over personal contents such as messages, posts, etc.
  • Write and post the last words.
  • Easy and stress-free verification process to turn the user's profile page to a legacy page.

Clickable Prototype Here

Legacy Page Activation Agreement

Legacy Post & Suicide Prevention Message

Checking Social Security Death Index Agreement


Current Memorial Group Page

There is no place to memorialize the loved ones other than having a group page. Which often is created after the loss and often times the group is a private group that only invited friends can be part of. 


Suggested Redesign Of Legacy (Memorial) Page

The main purpose of this redesign of the legacy page is to combine memorial group and memorialized pages together so that it can be served as a gathering place where friends and family can share the memory of their loved ones

Clickable Prototype Here

  1. Visual cue to differentiate the legacy page. Based on the research, many visitors’ take a quick glance at the profile picture to make sure if the opened page is the right one
  2. "Born-Passing" date
  3. Button to join the legacy page so that the user can share memories with the person
  4. Timeline highlighted with the death of the legacy person
  5. Last words written by the legacy person to the visitors of the legacy page
  6. Block of newsfeed
  7. Legacy emoji to show condolence
  8. Visitors can share the memories with the legacy person
  9. Newsfeed separated before and after the death so that the visitors can distinguish between the posts before the death of the legacy person and after the page has been memorialized

Different Design Concept


Lastly, we would love to see this someday ...