A Visit to the Samsung 837

On my way back from Whitney Museum, I stopped by at Samsung 837.  I’ve been inside couple times already but haven’t had a chance to experience Oculus. It was raining earlier and was a weekday so it was a quick stop by.

They had 3 things that the visitors can experience with Oculus. 

  1. immersive photos (I didn’t do this)
  2. immersive video experience
  3. 4D roller coaster

Because I am in the IXD program where I constantly hear about virtual reality things, played with Google Cardboard, and went to Tribeca Film Festival early this year, the immersive video experience wasn’t something amazing to me. I was not sure what I should focus on. Story? Quality? Possibilities? 

4D roller coaster on the other had was pretty interesting. It really reminded me of the rides that you take at Disney World or Universal Studio, where you look at a screen and the seats move so that you are tricked to be in that space. Personally, I didn’t really like it, because it just made me really dizzy—possibly caused by low frame rates—but two people who sitting next to me and were experiencing the same thing were screaming and really enjoying it. 

One thing I disliked most was that I had to hold the device with one of my hands because it was too heavy that it was restraining my movements for both the video experience and the 4D experience and I would accidentally hit the pause button on the side of the device every now and then which was really annoying.