Talking to People You Don't Know, Using The Internet

As part of one of my MFA classes, I had to reach out to people in two different methods; by sending a cold email and by a warm intro. 

I was not used to all these, so I didn't know where to start. So I started thinking about the most basic things. What am I interested to know that I am not sure where to start? Where are these people? Do I know anyone who can connect to them? 

I am interested in museums and how the experiences and interactions in museum spaces are designed. So I went through my linked in profile. I didn't have any connection to people who work/worked at museums.

Then I remembered going to a housewarming party last year and briefly introduced to a friend of my friend, Jackie, who was at the time interning at the Whitney Museum. So I talked to Jackie through a chat and asked if she can introduce her friend (at this time, I didn't even had the person's name) to me by briefly describing why I want to talk to her. Then it worked out really quick. Jackie just told me, 'K', then invited me and her friend to a new group chat that Jackie briefly introduced us to each other and let us talk after. 

After this, I got some confident of reaching out to people so that I googled 'museum interaction designer'. From one of the search result, I was able to get to the designer's personal website. I wrote her an email saying who I am, why I am reaching out to her, and what I want to learn from her. I waited couple days biting my finger nails. Then I get her email back! She was not surprised by my email. She actually said she gets a quite a few cold emails from people who are interested in the field she is involved. And she even knew one of the instructors who teach my MFA program. What a small world. 

Anyways, I have made schedules to talk to these two people I reached out to next month. I am really looking forward to it!