The Box 1

Packing to move and unpacking to settle down is lots of work and many people find it very stressful. Even if you hire some professionals for this process, you still have to give the final touch to adjust minor things. I moved last January from California to New York. It was a long distance moving that I had no choice but to pay someone to move my boxes.

The struggle started right after they left with all my boxes. The biggest problem was that I had to sleep on the floor without any proper bedding for almost a week because the boxes took about a week to be delivered across the country. 

Once I got to New York and got every boxes, another stressful moment arrived. I was left with about 30 boxes (not counting any furnitures) to unpack. The movers left me a paper they documented, but that didn’t help me much since it was hard to match the markings the movers did to the box and the paper. I also didn’t know where to start.

I am hoping to reduce all these stress by having this product, ‘The Box’ (I’ll probably name it better later). As an initial concept, I am thinking this as a package of all necessary supplies that a mover needs. This includes items as essential as toilet paper and pens—so that you don’t have to force yourself to go out and explore the new city to look for a place to buy those items—and items as specific as a mover’s checklist and sticker set to organize yourself while going through this process—so that you don’t need to worry not having gas and electricity the day you move.

From the interaction designer’s view, I would like to provide a journey that a customer would have a feeling of ‘opening a christmas present’ in a sense that this product is both expected and unexpected simultaneously. Also, the size of the container box is just a bit smaller (10-1/2” x 8” x 5”) than a flat rate USPS box that it could be easily sealed and sent to the new place so that it will be waiting for you when you arrive.

After the initial pitch of this product, I got great feedbacks. Here are some:
  -Different packages based on who it is for and where this is for, city dwellers vs. suburbans and amateur movers (college students and young professionals) vs. family with children.
  -Suggested items such as sheets, labels for boxes, mover’s checklist, shopping list, tips, bite size surprise presents
  -Packaging it as a pre-housewarming present for oneself, friends, and family.
  -Filling in the box in their own and making a DIY moving box.

I am open to any other feedback and your own moving stories. Please feel free to drop me a word!