Why So Many Ah-ha Moments Happen in the Shower?

There so many ah-ha moment happening in the bathroom. to be more specific, while I shower, this magic moment happens. 

(Its a little side track story but when I sleep, I dream both in Korean and English. When I dream in English, I use some words I don't know of. It is just really really weird. I sometimes have to look up the definition after I wake up).

Anyways, back to this magic moments, I asked why bathroom, what's so special about it? I was thinking why that happen. I also thought of if there are any other specific moments that I often get lots of ah-ha moments. Those all are when I am feeling relaxed and not really concentrated in getting new information. Why? Shouldn't new learnings give bright insights and great findings? 

I remember a book I read last fall, "Where Good Ideas Come From" by Steven Johnson. I am not 100% confident if I fully understood the book and remember it word by word (also I only read the half the book), but I still could find something that answers my curiosity. I first was really confused what he was saying in the book. To me, what he talked about was just too all over the place. Then at some point the whole book (or up to the point where I read) made sense. He says  the magic moment doesn't just come from nowhere. It comes when the connection between ideas are made. Ideas could be from decades ago but the connection just happened that the real juicy part happened now. So for me, lots of those connecting moments happen when I'm at specific settings. At this point, I felt like I vaguely know where I am going with this thought process but still not too clear. So I asked 'Why' again. 

Why does the connection happen more often when I am not in the process of taking in new information? Answer to this is because I am almost always busy doing something. To be more specific, 80% of that business comes from staring at some sort of screen, my phone, laptop and TV. Now, I know that I simply am not letting myself time to go through the dots I have and chance to connect them. 

Well, then why am I always using those devices? It's probably because I'm really struggling to catch up with what's up with the world. What's the trend that I need to know, what's the big news or social news I should know of, what's the opinion toward those, etc. ... Then is it the matter of unorganized informations I am exposed to and me trying to figure out what's really relevant to me? Then it comes to the personalized contents based on my preferences. I think it is the balance of wanting to discover new things and wanting to know only the relevant contents.

Thankfully, we all now have access to many platforms that let users to get personalized contents as well as choice to explore new topics. I think this concept is not new at all, but I am in the beginning of reorienting my lifestyle and trying to spend time more wisely using all these.